Artist | Entrepreneur | Snack queen | dog mom

Hi, I’m Aislinn! It’s pronounced Ace-Lynn, because you’re probably wondering.

I’m a self-taught calligrapher who’s decided paper isn’t enough to write on, I want to write on all the things. After learning calligraphy I practiced by doing signage for my besties wedding in 2017, and eventually got talked into showing other people what I was making. Since then the self-teaching has continued with watercolor & graphic design, and putting it all together to create bespoke invitations.

I live in Nova Scotia with my boyfriend, our two dogs and our cat (a zoo). I can be a bit shy & awkward at first and overthink literally everything (I’m an enneagram 7), but I also love to laugh at my awkward-Aislinn moments and my ability to come up with 457 different outcomes to any given situation. Hobbies include trail walks with my pups, talking to my plants (it’s a thing), falling in and out of a workout routine, and watching Friends on repeat.