A little more about me…I wish this was the part where I told you a great story about my first ‘toy’ being a pen and that I was a born artist but, truthfully, I would call myself a ‘late bloomer’. I’ve always been creative but it was only a few years ago that I picked up a calligraphy pen. Being self-taught I struggled for a long time to feel comfortable calling myself an artist.

Those closest to me know I can be a bit awkward sometimes, but get to know me and I’ll be sure to make you laugh, one way or another. I’m always looking to understand people, and the ‘why’, so here’s me: I’m a true Taurus, strong-willed and dedicated, and on the Enneagram I am a Challenger & Enthusiast.

Most days you’ll find my in one of my fuzzy housecoats, at my desk with a (cold) cup of coffee and a paintbrush or pen. If not I can almost guarantee I'm either snuggling on the couch with my two dogs & my guy, Eric. Other favorite hobbies include talking to my plants, thrifting all the things, and binging on sitcoms.

If you are another vendor or business who has an idea to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to hit the button below! I love sharing ideas with other creatives and working together is just the cherry on top!